Why the innocent?

During the time of her beginning

There wasn't much that stayed living inside

What great child got no mother by her side or his side

Just a few men that take full leadership

Whats to say when death breaks a great partnership

Picture a queen fully indigenous

Stepping into a land of thieves and horror

Not knowing what it has to offer

A child with no father

Heart without fear


Facing two great walls moving stealth

Its one thing to see an illness take over a beautiful soul

And another seeing it quit

from a home onto a street floor

Ignorant minds with no criticisms

Speachless if i had to explain

Though why hug a homeless women Is what im sure i heard them say

But it was never said

Must be the language eyes have to give

Because i felt and understood the responses that had no passions held within

I will never forget the bravery in this women

The love held inside this women

Motivation inspiration given from this great women

And most of all

The experience of being the son of this beautiful great women

Appreciate the ones that stand beside you and push you foward

Towards a life full of joy and peace

I'm still wishing for her

But i understand that once we're gone we return down into Earth

Decomposed into this great rock preparing for a rebirth

It's life - Astrow


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