Homeless In Suburbia

The preacher says his prayer

With tender care

God bless

The unfortunate homeless


He lives in lavish style

With the sanctuary

At night, dark and empty

While the masses on the street

Out of garbage cans eat

Or stand in a long line

Simply to dine

They can sleep dormitory style

At least for a little while

If they can stand the crime

Of beating and stealing

It's as bad as doing time

Guilt is a common feeling

We did nothing wrong

Is their common song

Perhaps they have an addiction

Or circumstances just turned sour

In their darkest hour

But there is a harsh fiction

That there is no place live

Everybody knows

Those banks foreclose

As debts they cannot forgive

So there are homes boarded up

More than enough

To house those who wander

Many, many times over

I see

Irony of agony

It is a shame

And there are people to blame

See society bleed

Because of blatant greed

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