Wish I Could've Given More

Wish I Could've Given More

His back laid flat on the bus stop bench.

With his legs slightly bent.

Because the armrest in the middle was designed to prevent anyone from sleeping there.

I wanted to have a seat beside his feet so that my spirit would give his warmth.

I decided to rest my tired legs in another place.

Where I wouldn't disturb the only thing that this man had, which were his dreams.

The great artist was beginning to paint a dark canvas in the sky.

Even though the celestial lantern lit up in a flame and started to shine.

Shadows still seemed to surround this sad little bus stop in the centre of a downtown Los Angeles street.

Than this corporate suit and tie stomped his way over to the hopeless man.

Woke him up and kicked him out, while holding a cleaning spray and paper towels in hand.

I chased the poor dreamer down thinking, if this person has suffered this kind of abuse so early in the morning.

How much more would he have to endure throughout the day?

I approached him gently saying.

" I know you didn't ask me for anything but please accept these couple dollars that I have for you."

He nodded from heaven to hell and back to heaven again.

He was just as silent when he was treated unfairly.

As he took the money and I was finally able to look into his eyes.

Time froze, my heart felt a volcanic explosion, realizing that I was in the presence of God!

As I walked away blessed, I whispered.

"Wish I could've given more..."

Imrith Rode America is a young man with the wisdom of an elder. He is a poet and a singer and, in a country where poverty too often tears families apart, he reunites family. Working all night, dreaming all day, his creative juices overflow so that he can share them with the world.

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