Let It Bleed

Astrow is a young artist/poet from South Central Los Angeles, now living in the High Desert area, where many LA residents have moved because it's much cheaper there. He grew up in foster care, which is another form of homelessness. Astrow explains that "I recognized the people's conditions and it was strange to me that no one ever had something to say." So he began to say it himself through art, poetry, skateboarding, and hip hop. Astrow's fundamental message: "I believe anything is possible."

Let It Bleed

The boondocks iron city full of rum and drugs South Central slums no fun is where I'm spawning from The 90's unwind me to the time these Devils tried to blind me my opponent is myself and only i can define me I experienced the streets and this raw game asking for change cause raw spells war my lineage Down living poor poverty corruption exposed wild flooding my core Batteram out to get me straight shattered my door chemical war psychological warfare artificial glare seeming unfair as i stared i rebelled kicking it on the porch with my kin folk avoiding the gangs owning the page with my number two pencil Addicted to paint Not the shank entertained productive I love it a wise mind compared to fucking nothing but nature cause shes beautiful i feel so free able to see Mother Earth to me a real necessity I live blasting over hot grills licensed to kill Uncle Sam's field employed ill killing at will all for some bills that go to oppressors with suppressors shadowed out in black suits playing checkers Ain't down with Benji plat bronze a punk a Jimmy slugging out the youth toxin like a Hemi cause truth is buried And the lies are shown like a flee on a spree hijacking your dome Industry ho Living life like a slaves soul Ghetto pigeon Free yet glocked and locked up in a prison Re educated by Satin Blue eyed beast Lynching out free colored kins a creatures feast Tekkknology A physiological tactic will mold you into clay in a world full of plastic with pesticide Dope Gangs Sex all the magic potions To replicate a Tom to kill crops like a Locust The war is focused advertised manipulated advocated Like French Spain fucked a Haitian Embrace it And buzz out this cell this living hell Experience more knowledge than life's horror struggle tales Real committed and focused like mad hates the roaches Rats to hornet's kicked in like some horse shit if i Had the chance for one wish It be Docs DeLorean to blast me to 1966 When Black Panthers where bucking down Oakland pigs To organizing free breakfast clubs for hungry little kids Teaching self defense heritage Under covers About evil whites and why we lighter shaded brothers Then off to 1493 To burn the Pinta the Niña the Santa for 1619 No slaves free Natives New hieroglyphic written pages Hands on slave ships Revenge for all the racist hatred So let it bleed let it bleed Spread your pain Throw them up if you hate the game Fight for change Heal the pain Every struggle is a lesson Create a change a difference From this hell that were facing - Astrow

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